See what our partners have to say about Market Experts.

Our customers and partners are those who can speak best, with real experience, about Market Experts’ ability to win business, ensure customer satisfaction and achieve repeat business. We are proud of our ability to add value to our partners and customers, and proud of their recognition of the added value that we provide. Below please find a sampling of their testimonials.

“Continuity Software has been fortunate to find a partner as reliable, proactive and honest as Market Experts.  As trusted advisors to many of the leading enterprises in Spain and Portugal, they have done a superb job in making the market aware of AvaialbilityGuard™ and of highlighting the need for an automated solution to detect single-points-of failure and prevent outages.”

Gil Hecht, CEO, Continuity Software

“Market Experts is the ideal value-added distributor for Continuity Software.  Together we have great teamwork to win important deals and to ensure customer success and repeat business.  Though an independent distributor, we consider Market Experts part of the Continuity Software family.”

Gil Asherie, Vice President of Sales, Continuity Software
“Market Experts has clearly demonstrated the technical and business know-how to carry out a successful campaign in even the most complex of environments. Their commitment to deep client relationships and ongoing customer satisfaction is both obvious and persistent. From our perspective, this is a very valuable relationship.”
Larry Strickland, Chief Product Officer, DataKinetics

“We are very proud of our relationship with Market Experts. Not only do we have a partner with excellent knowledge of the market, its corporations, and its business practices, their commitment to customer success is second to none.”

Allan Zander, Chief Executive Officer, DataKinetics

“For over a decade Market Experts has been a valuable and supportive distributor for MOST Technologies in the Spanish and Portuguese markets. Market Experts, led by Bill Weber, has always shown a remarkable knowledge of the Iberian Peninsula business environment on one hand, and an understanding of legacy modernization capability and potential on the other hand.  Our sales team at MOST Technologies has great confidence in Market Experts, and we are hoping to continue doing business together for many years to come.”

Udi Fridenshtein, Vice President Sales, Most Technologies

“At Cyber-Scope we value our relationship with Market Experts, not only as resellers of our Managed Cybersecurity Services Platform, but also as distributors of cybersecurity solutions.  Market Experts has extensive knowledge of the Spanish and Portuguese markets, its companies, the decision-makers and business practices.  We value their proactive approach as well as their honesty and transparency, and we look forward to many years of mutual success in this relationship.”

Aharon Fuchs, Founder and CEO, Cyber-Scope

“Market Experts has become a true and essential partner to ONEbase, assisting with a number of our portfolio solutions to our customers. During our partnership, they have proven to be a value-added distributor, bringing leading-edge technologies to the Portuguese market.”

Gil Cartaxeiro, CEO, ONEbase

“We have developed a great partnership with Marketing Experts.
Their dedication and professionalism in marketing InnovizeIT for DB2 is evident in all aspects.  We appreciate their attention and creative approach in bringing our product to the Spanish market.   Market Experts’ knowledge of, and familiarity with, many customers in this market are crucial and a key success factor for us.”

Eliezer Harkavi, CEO, InnovizeIT
“Since 2008 Market Experts and INETUM have built a solid relationship, based upon innovative, quality information technologies, trust, honesty and teamwork.  Market Experts and its partner/vendors have demonstrated always their dedication to the satisfaction and success of our customers.  Market Experts is a value-added distributor that builds lasting, trusted-advisor relationships with our customers.  We look forward to many years of mutual success.”
José Antonio Alhambra López-Villalta, Senior Consultant, Infrasturcture Division, INETUM