Control your mainframe Z/OS performance

What is ConicIT?

Predictive Performance Analytics:

  • Intelligent mainframe solution for production IT performance alerts

  • predictive analytics thru sophisticated mathematics and world class domain knowledge

ConicIT in a Nutshell

Why ConicIT

  • IT Budgets are shrinking, and organizations must do more with less

  • The cost per call to the help desk is climbing

  • Current tools tell you what has just happened – not predictive

  • Machine learning technology like that developed in ConicIT is here to stay

  • Organizations need it for their next generation enterprise monitoring

  • Implementing ConicIT has ZERO risk, relatively low effort and low entry cost and clear ROI of less than 6 months!!

IT Performance Management Challenges


  • Higher MF applications availability by alerting application performance anomalies BEFORE users are affected

  • Troubleshooting reduced by 25% to 40%. ConicIT operational intelligence improves the ability of IT teams to respond to critical IT events, improving productivity

  • Reduction in MTTR (mean-time-to-resolution)

  • Reduces unexpected sub-capacity MIPS pricing costs

  • In many cases ROI is in less than 6 months

Getting Started with ConicIT is Simple

  • Non-intrusive painless installation on a standard Linux server (including LoZ)

  • Does not take any (“expensive”) MIPS resources on the MF

  • Easy to install as no integration needed, uses data from existing performance monitoring tools

  • Automatically calculates dynamic thresholds thru automated learning

  • Fully customizable


  • Improve system stability (by recognizing anomalies)

  • Recognize performance problems a first fault

  • Provide long performance history

  • Aggregate all performance data to one screen

About ConicIT

ConicIT ( is a software vendor specializing in Performance Analytics technologies. The company is focused on developing a unique self-learning behavioral analysis technology for optimizing mainframe performance. By employing sophisticated mathematical tools and data from existing monitors, ConicIT predicts performance problems, helps to solve them the first time they occur, as well as prevent their recurrence.

Our mission is to help IT Operations Managers control their z/OS Mainframe environments by enhancing IT productivity and performance. ConicIT helps them to and optimize SLA costs, while reducing monthly license fees and operational expenditures.