MOST Technologies

Innovative solutions for mainframe customers

MOST Technologies is a global provider of innovative solutions for customers seeking to modernize their legacy applications.  Modernization activities such as code conversion, re-hosting, and data migration are cost-effective solutions that open legacy applications to a broad range of technologies.

About MOST Technologies

MOST Software Technologies Ltd. is a provider of innovative modernization solutions to customers with legacy applications on both IBM mainframe and iSeries. These solutions mitigate risk and reduce the total cost of ownership of these legacy applications.

MOST has partnered with the world’s leading solution providers including HP, IBM, Micro Focus, Infosys & Wipro. We can work directly with a customer or through their preferred IT vendor-of-choice.

MOST Technologies is a subsidiary of Malam-Team, a leading distributor and system integrator having >3,500 employees and publicly traded on the Israeli Stock Exchange. For more information please visit us at: or mail us at: