Sensitive Data Detection, Classification and Masking

JumbleDB Solves the Biggest Challenge Organizations are Facing

Preventing Organization’s Sensitive Data Leaking to Unauthorized Personnel

The Solution – Jumble DB Simple, Robust and Intuitive

  • Jumble DB is a sensitive data detection, classification and masking solution, providing end-to-end comprehensive solution for all your data masking needs.

  • Its unique project-oriented approach helps you lower your database masking project costs by providing sophisticated, yet simple, tools to identify, map and control your organization’s sensitive data.

  • Jumble DB delivers fast and smart detection engine based on out-of-the-box templates, with multiple heterogeneous cross-database platforms support.

  • It provides real and meaningful data while maintaining business integrity and keeping your data in its original structure.

  • Jumble DB is your one-stop-shop solution for all your sensitive data needs.

The Motivation – Today’s Challenges

Identifying, Mapping and Controlling Organization’s Sensitive Data


  • Preventing Sensitive Data leakage from your non-production environments: research and development, quality assurance, integration, testing and more

  • Compliance and Regulations – PCI-DSS, GLBA, GDPR

JumbleDB – The Methodology, How it Works?

Why JumbleDB?

JumbleDB Main Features

Data Classification challenges

  • Data keeps changing and growing constantly.

  • Huge amount of data is scattered in the organization.

  • Sensitive data is spread across many datastores.

  • Unstructured data becoming more frequent inside organization data stores.

  • Same Sensitive data appears in different forms and needs to be addressed the same way.

  • Sensitive data mapping consumes 80% of time, cost, and effort.

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