Automate & Simplify Sensitive Data Management

Infognito Data Masking

  • Preventing Your Organization’s Sensitive Data Leaking to Unauthorized Personnel
  • A simple, robust, and intuitive sensitive data detection, classification and masking solution

Feature Highlights

Data Masking Project Lifecycle

Infognito Data Classification

  • Know where your sensitive data is

  • Get an up-to-date and accurate view of the organization’s sensitive data

Compliance Dashboard

Classify sensitive data stored inside databases and big data datastores, with the ability to get an up-to-date and accurate view of where sensitive data is stored. Infognito data classification dashboard provides a 360-degree view of where sensitive data is stored, starting from the database level and drilling down to a single column level.

Data Classification Dictionary

Infognito data classification dictionary provides more than 50 pre-defined data classification rules for GDPR, CCPA, PCI and more. Tailor infognito data classification dictionary to your needs by adding new rules and removing rules that are not needed.”

Compliance Policies and Alerts

Create a baseline of the sensitive data spread across your organization, get notified when new sensitive data is introduced to an existing database, table or datastore. Inofognito compliance policies automatically assign risk scores to objects that contain sensitive data taking into consideration the size, popularity, and location of the objects.

Infognito Data Migration

Secure Data Migration to The Cloud

  • Prevent sensitive data from reaching cloud environments, using Infognito consistent data
  • Discovery, and prevent sensitive data from reaching the cloud using infognito masking engine.

About Infognito

Infognito’s mission is to simplify sensitive data management across the organization data stores.

Infognito is a dynamic and creative company dedicated to bringing innovative security solutions to its customers. Founded in 2014, initially
providing security solutions for the Israeli market, it now has customers now worldwide, helping them with their sensitive data management.
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