Data Security Advisor (DSA)

Cyber Resilience Assurance

Uncover Hidden Security Risks to Critical Data Systems and Protect High-Value Data Assets

Every enterprise’s IT environment stores a data goldmine: Is that data verifiably secured?


  • They are inevitable.

  • Enterprises are securing their IT environments with solutions for hardening endpoints, networks and operating systems.

  • Data storage system configurations, however, have been neglected,

  • Rationale is that protecting the outer perimeter infiltration to core data storage systems prevented.
  • Data critical to the continuous operation of enterprises flows through data storage systems.

  • Storage environment is home to critical data used by many applications and databases.

  • Saved in various systems: storage arrays (block, IP, object), storage network switches, cloud storage, virtual SAN, file servers, file systems, raw devices, appliances, and more.

  • And, these may be vulnerable to attack.

Cyberattacks are everywhere!!!

Pillars of Cyber Resistance

  • Hackers are becoming more and more sophisticated.
  • Additional Steps needed to protect the crown jewels of the enterprise – critical storage data.

  • Regulators are demanding resiliency for high-value data assets.

  • Hackers have proven they can enter protected and secured networks. The enterprise’s crown jewels reside in vulnerable inner-core data storage systems.

The Unspoken Gap

  • OS and network configurations are secure Nessus, Qualys, Symantec, …
  • What about data storage systems?
  • Block, File & Object storage are vulnerable!

  • Are my storage systems violating security baselines?

  • Did I find and fix all vulnerabilities? non-compliance issues?

  • Multiple vendors/models (EMC, IBM, HP, Cisco, Brocade, NetApp).

  • How do we validate the configuration of storage systems, SAN switches, cloud storage, storage management servers, Server-based SAN and data protection appliances?

The Solution is Data Security Advisor (DSA)

Automated, daily Cyber Resilience validation

Security Configuration Validation for Data Storage Systems

  • Built-in risk knowledgebase of security configuration best practices: vendor best practices, community-driven baseline requirements, ransomware protection, vulnerabilities and compliance checks

  • Focus on data storage systems (block, object, Cloud, IP storage), storage network, data protection and storage management systems, Virtual SAN, NAS/SAN, File System and more

  • Configuration checks for Administrative Access, Authentication, Authorization, Audit Log, Data access, Services and Protocols, Isolation, ISO27001, CIS, NIST and more.

  • Custom checks – implement your own baseline checks

Meet regulatory / InfoSec / audit / baseline requirements
Eliminate security risks for critical data systems

Introducing Data Security Advisor™ (DSA) – Securing the Resilience of Data Storage Systems

  • Continuity Software’s Data Security Advisor™ cyber resilience solution addresses the challenges to security from on-prem to cloud to hybrid IT environments.

  • It accesses automatically up-to-date information about the configurations in the enterprise’s data storage systems.

  • It checks for vulnerabilities, infractions of industry best practices, organizational security baseline requirements, ransomware guidelines and non-compliance with regulations.

  • It informs the relevant IT teams of infractions and how to close the security gaps that put critical data systems at risk.

  • It makes sure that configurations will ensure ability to recover data from a cyberattack.

Data Security Dashboard provides a health score of critical high value data assets

DSA is built on proven methodology used by major enterprises worldwide

DSA provides an unique comprehensive cyber resilience assurance while also enabling enterprises to prepare for and meet information security audit requirements.

The solution focuses on four fundamentals to achieve and maintain cyber resilience in IT environments:

  1. Meet security best practices and comply with regulations
    Enterprises must follow security best practices and comply with regulations. 
  1. Support all enterprise data storage – on premises and in the cloud
    No matter what environment that data storage is located (on-prem, public cloud, private cloud or hybrid), DSA scans for cross-domain and in-layer resiliency risks. 
  1. An enterprise-grade solution
    Data Security Advisor enables enterprises to scan of thousands of target systems in multiple locations.
  1. Ensure recoverability from a cyberattack
    Data Security Advisor verifies cyber-recoverability best practices (isolation, retention, immutability) to ensure that data is  recoverable.

Next step: risk assessment

  • Complete and actionable findings report delivered

  • Detects data-threatening vendor best practice violations, security vulnerabilities, ransomware protection misconfigurations, baseline violations, isolation BP violation and compliance issues in production
  • Performed by a Continuity Software Professional Services
    engineer on-site using our core technology
  • Includes a one-time scan of up to 100 data systems

  • Timeline

  • Completed within 1 week

  • Full report delivered 5 working days later

  • Minimal customer effort required

About Continuity Software

Founded in 2005, Continuity Software (www.continuitysoftware) helps the world’s leading organizations, including 6 of the top 10 US banks, to achieve resilience in every type of IT environment. Our solutions proactively prevent outages and data loss incidents on critical IT infrastructure. As a result, unplanned infrastructure outages are reduced by an average of 80% and configuration errors are resolved before they turn into costly service incidents. Our proven technology and methodology now encompass cyber resilience. Our solutions protect mission-critical data residing in vulnerable storage systems against cyberattacks, prevent data loss, and ensure data recoverability.

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