Cyber Risk Protection & Compliance.

Data center solutions to ensure cyber-protection of critical storage data, ensure the recoverability of systems and to detect and protect sensitive data.

StorageGuard: Ensuring that storage and back-up systems are hardened to withstand any cyberattack targeting your data

Continuity Software (

  • Focus on converged and storage systems
  • Built-in knowledgebase of security configuration best practices
  • Continuous scans of data storage & back-up to automatically detect security risks
  • Facilitates automatic remediation
  • Guarantees storage system compliance with security regulations and standards

RecoverGuard: Ensuring Cyber Recoverability

Continuity Software (

Outage Prevention for the Public Cloud

  • Ensures readiness to recover data in the event of a Cyber-attack

  • Ransomware Recoverability Assurance

  • Helps you meet Cyber resilience guidelines

Infognito Sensitive Data Management

Infognito (

  • Preventing an organization’s sensitive data leaking to unauthorized personnel
  • Simple, robust, and intuitive sensitive data management
  • Sensitive data masking, classification, and migration