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An Innovative Solution

InnovizeIT for DB2

InnovizeIT for DB2 is a unique proactive application analysis and optimization tool.

Automatic analysis of all database and application elements points to performance sinks, and provides powerful and proven recommendations for change.

Monitoring results are integrated to sharpen the results and help estimate potential savings.

Outstanding Benefits

  • Major Improvement: 20% – 30% MIPS reduction can be achieved.
  • Very quick ROI (within a year).

  • Empowering the application DBA and SMEs, with new insights and quick results.

  • PC-based tool with no mainframe installation required

The Process Flow

The main business and operational benefits are:

  • MIPS Reduction – The most common solution that is focused around reducing the Total Cost of Ownership of Mainframe applications. A very common application is for peak period MIPS optimization.

  • Performance Optimization – Improving the performance of existing Mainframe applications and doing more with less.

  • Ongoing Improvement – Maintaining an ongoing effort of performance improvement, following an initial performance optimization effort.

  • Pre-Migration Optimization – Optimizing the Mainframe application prior to its migration to open platforms (Unix, Linux or Windows).

InnovizeIT for DB2

Decision Workspace. This illustration examples a pair of nested indices which aids in providing the application DBA/SME important context for decision making.

Maximum Gain With Minimal Pain

“We argue that improvements in the interaction between client applications and DB2 are the area of maintenance which has a potential to yield savings for the organizations.”

“Furthermore, we will also argue that DB2 related source code alterations are low-cost and low-risk compared to other cost reduction efforts.”

DB2 changes - low cost, low risk, high savings

Source: Reducing operational costs through MIPS management
L. M. Kwiatkowski & C. Verhoef
Department of Computer Science, Vrije Universiteit Amsterdam 2010

InnovizeIT for DB2

Drill Down facility amplifies the initial analysis to determine which programs make use of any one of the suspected indices, what access paths are utilized and even the actual SQLs utilizing the index. This functionality ensures that removing one of the indices can be performed with the lowest possible risk.

About InnovizeIT

InnovizeIT ( was established by a team of experienced executives (previously from global companies such as: BluePhoenix Solutions, Amdocs, BMC Software) with extensive Mainframe and Database smarts. It was started with a clear mission: to analyze and improve the performance of enterprise-scale, data-intensive Mainframe applications for significant operational cost savings.

The company is comprised of a seasoned team of industry experts dedicated to implementing low-risk, high return solutions with unsurpassed service and support for clients worldwide. The company’s flagship product, InnovizeIT for DB2, represents a new paradigm in DB2-based application optimization. InnovizeIT’s unique method of system and code analysis quickly identifies performance bottlenecks, and delivers powerful insights, targeted solutions and notable cost efficiencies. It also empowers existing staff with new capabilities that can make their work easier, along the way.

The company’s unique methodology together with its products and services has been shown to save millions of dollars annually for several of its customers, making the return on the investment (ROI) to be shorter than one year. The average MIPS reduction achieved by the company has been found to be between 20%-30%, to the satisfaction of its large customers for which the mainframe operating costs play a very significant role in their bottom-line results. InnovizeIT has direct presence in selected regions across the globe and is represented by a network of partners in other areas.

The company is cooperating also with large outsourcers and consulting companies to the benefit of its global customers.