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For 40 years, DataKinetics’ highly experienced Professional Services Division has been solving the Data Performance and Optimization challenges of the world’s largest companies – helping them maximize efficiencies within their mainframe and legacy applications

As the global leader in Data Performance and Optimization Solutions, the world’s largest banks, credit card, brokerage, insurance, healthcare, retail and telecommunications organizations rely on DataKinetics to improve dramatically their data throughput and processing.

Mainframe Performance Optimization through tableBASE

tableBASE is a table manager based on in-memory technology. It can lower your costs and mainframe TCO, reduce dramatically batch processing time and optimize your MIPS usage. It offers incredible performance benefits and more powerful and efficient applications. The following are some of the key problems addressed by tableBASE:

Batch Optimization
tableBASE is the perfect solution for organizations that need help with batch processing: applications leveraging tableBASE can run 90% faster. Thus, implementing tableBASE in many I/O-intense batch applications will reduce the pressure considerably.

Increase in Capacity
tableBASE can dramatically improve the performance of DB2, VSAM or IMS systems.

General Reduction in Mainframe Resource Usage
DataKinetics in-memory optimization allows mainframe applications to process at the same rate or higher, using far fewer CPU, I/O, MIPS/ MSU, or even real and cache memory resources. Fewer resources are needed for I/O.

Controlled operating costs
With tableBASE, your most transaction-intensive mainframe applications will use far fewer resources than they require now for their processing. This can lead to a potential savings of millions of dollars per year.

  • Reduced MF Resources: CPU/MIPS/MSU/IOs

  • Reduction in Elapsed Time

  • Faster Throughput and Better Performance

  • Reduce the Batch Window Significantly

  • Lower Transaction Costs

In an environment in which system resource consumption is reduced, the cost-per-transaction experiences a parallel improvement. tableBASE sharply reduces the number of I/Os used by mainframe applications, reduces significantly the CPU cost associated with those I/Os, and reduces the number of MIPS required. In this way, tableBASE can reduce the cost per transaction in any I/O-intensive environment.

tableBASE, based on In-Memory Technology is a High-Performance Mainframe Batch Solution


High-performance mainframe in-memory technology can be used to accelerate your existing batch applications – particularly those in environments experiencing ultra-high transaction processing rates. It augments the database, as well as existing contemporary batch solutions, like data buffering.

This technology works by allowing select data to be accessed using a much shorter code path than most data. The typical Db2 code path requires 10,000 to 100,000 machine cycles – and that includes any type of buffered access. This image shows the typical code path (top).

Data accessed using high-performance in-memory technology uses only 400 machine cycles – the image above also shows this code path (bottom). Only a small portion of your read-only data – the data accessed most often – needs to be accessed in this way.


Small amounts of data that gets accessed for most or all transactions – account numbers, interest rates, etc., are copied into high-performance in-memory tables. From there, it is accessed via a small, tight API. All other data access is unchanged. No changes are required to application logic or to the database.

Using this technique, it is possible to not only sharply reduce batch I/O, but more importantly, it can significantly reduce elapsed time – which can solve a batch window congestion problem. It can also reduce CPU usage – which translates directly to reduced MSU usage and therefore, reduced operational costs associated with any affected application. The image above shows the benefits.


If you are a large IT organization running mission-critical batch processing to reduce your execution times from two times to two orders of magnitude, tableBASE can help you achieve your goals depending on their business type and the specific characteristics of your batch applications. Give us a call.

About DataKinetics

DataKinetics (, headquartered in Ottawa, Canada, was established in 1977. It is a global leader in data performance and optimization solutions.

It is highly effective in solving IT problems and reducing IT costs for the Fortune 500. It is an IBM Business partner and is also founder of The Planet Mainframe Alliance ( DataKinetics world-renowned suite of solutions enables Fortune 500 companies to process over a billion mission-critical transactions per second every day.