Waratek JVM is a java virtualization product. In today’s Technology you can only install one Java application per server. That changes with the Waratek JVM. You can install up to 64 java applications in the same JVM, ensuring performance and security. This represents enormous savings for an organization. Talk to us about running a pilot.

Waratek is Java Virtualization

  • Hypervisor for Java
  • Lightweight virtual containers (JVCs)!
  • JVC isolation and metering!
  • Dynamic resource allocation!
  • Puts idle apps to “sleep”!
  • Efficiency in execution!
  • Improved density !
  • Reduced opex & capex!
  • Close down security vulnerabilities!
  • Extend legacy Java!

The Economic Value Proposition:

  • 99% reduction in resources per incremental application!
  • Increase in overall application density of between 200% and 900%!
  • 80% reduction in test and development infrastructure!
  • 50% to 90% reduction in computing costs!
  • Substantial reduction in energy consumption/greenhouse gas effect of data centers!

Website: Waratek

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