tableBASE - datakinetics

  • tableBASE is an in-memory accelerator
  • Define, build, maintain and manage in-memory tables
    • Phenomenally fast access to data in the tables
    • Optimize table search
  • It’s just physics, math and great algorithms
    • Take data that is highly accessed
    • Load it in memory close to the application

Repeatedly access this data using the shortest and fastest path

Decrease elapsed time

Decrease CPU

Improve Response time

SQLKinetics (Part of tableBASE family)

  • What SQLKinetics Does:
    • SQLKinetics intercepts calls between an application and DB2 (DSNHL1*)
    • SQLKinetics leverages in-memory acceleration to improve data access performance without applications code changes
    • Use for packaged applications
    • Use for rapid prototyping to test for potential benefits

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