"At ConicIT we have been working with Market Expert as our Distributor for over a year. The relationship has been both fruitful from a business perspective and enjoyable from a personal one. Market Experts has done a great job at getting us connected to the right people at premier business institutions throughout Spain and Portugal. 

They are honest, proactive, always available for us, and dedicated totally to our success.  They have a unique and successful model where they market our product directly to the end user, while working through the leading business and systems integrators.  This gives us access to the best integrators in the market while giving our customers total confidence in the integration process.

We could not have hoped for a better partner and distributor."

Zippi Dekel, Director

“Continuity Software was fortunate to find a partner as reliable, proactive and honest as Market Experts. They are dedicated totally to our best interests and to our success, and they have done a superb job in making the market aware of RecoverGuardâ„¢ and the need for automated Disaster Recovery monitoring. Our teamwork has led to significant wins in Spain and we look forward to all of the great business still to come.”

Gil Hecht, CEO
Continuity Software

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