OpenLegacy ( allows for the modernization of Legacy Systems in OS400 and z/OS, as well as those written in COBOL in open systems. It allows access to these applications from a tablet, iPad or mobile phone. Nothing is installed in the AS400 or in the Mainframe.

Important features:

  • It allows for legacy systems to expose their data as modern and flexible APIs.
  • OpenLegacy can access CICS programs, DB2 tables as well as existing CICS web services, It creates an abstraction level, exposing it as usable objects in Java, REST APIs, and web services, as well as allowing for the development of complete web applitacions in one single page for the web or customer mobile phones. This is all done in an easy and rapid manner.
  • OpenLegacy supports a SOA solution, utilizing the advanced CICS features with the OpenLegacy platform. It creates a direct level 2 solution, connecting customers, such as mobile applications, to the legacy systems without any middleware, all with rapid performance and without almost any latency..
  • There are cases where there is a migration from z/OS y AS400 Unix/Linux systems, while maintaining COBOL as the programming language. OpenLegacy supports this type of scenario as well.

Website: Openlegacy

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