GizmoxTS has developed technology which is used for re-architecting outdated Client/Server applications to modern web, cloud and mobile applications. They were awarded a 2016 USA patent for the innovation and uniqueness of their solution. The patented technology generates high quality code & a best practices based architecture, fitting well the client's chosen target environment and delivered with the shortest time to market available.

Gizmox Transposition migrates enterprise scale applications written in VB6, PowerBuilder, desktop .Net and Java to modern web applications on ASP.Net, Java and/or Angular. VB6 and PowerBuilder can also be modernized to .Net desktop applications.

Gizmox Transposition provides a fixed cost modernization service, which can include security and access control enhancements and a new functionally equivalent UI. The result of the modernization is a native code solution, with no compiled objects or dependencies, for you to own, maintain and re-develop.

Website: GizmoxTS

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