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Your HA/DR Assurance Service begins with the seamless integration of AvailabilityGuard™ into your IT infrastructure. The software operates in a non-intrusive, read-only mode. Within the first day of deployment: 

  • AvailabilityGuard™ begins scanning your storage, databases, servers and replication configurations for risks.
  • Automatic analysis tools and our powerful Gap Detection Engine identify vulnerabilities such as unprotected databases or database partitions, noncompliant replication configurations, data that cannot be recovered to a valid consistency point, and much more.
  • Daily statistics are sent to Continuity Software’s experts for review and analysis. No business or confidential data is ever touched or sent outside of your organization.
  • When a problem is detected, our experts will alert you with details regarding the severity of the problem and how to resolve it.
  • Monthly and quarterly summary reports are provided. These reports contain executive summaries of the findings and in-depth details on issues uncovered and resolutions, making them useful for both Business Continuity and Disaster Recovery professionals.

The proactive monitoring approach used by the HA/DR Assurance Service eliminates the inefficient manual testing and DR audits that consume IT resources but still fail to uncover many critical risks, data protection breaches and recoverability gaps.  Plus, this service gives you the ability to continually improve your DR best practices and your IT change management methodologies.

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