BufferZone™ POS (Point of Sale)

Point of Sale

BufferZone™ Isolates programs originating from untrusted sources (Removable Media/internal or external network) and prevents it from accessing / modifying trusted local PC resources (e.g. POS process, disk, registry)

The POS Process is considered Trusted, and runs isolated from external sources. Once BufferZone™ isolates the untrusted program from the Trusted POS process, it secures the POS by the following:

  • BufferZone™ Memory Isolation prevents access to the POS user mode process, and prevents access to its memory by Untrusted processes (Memory Scrapping)
  • BufferZone™ Removable Device Protection prevents infections through removable devices; Only POS Vendor Digitally signed files could be copied from Removable Media to the POS PC:
    • Unintentional execution of malware or installing a tampered package will not be possible, and will only be allowed to run in BufferZone™’s virtual container.
    • Intentional copying of (any) code, (NOT signed by POS vendor digital signature) will only be allowed to run in BufferZone™’s virtual container .
  • BufferZone™ protects against unauthorized network and TCP connections to and from the POS to the Malware Command and Control (C&C) by Activating BufferZone™ Network Isolation.
    • Isolates the POS from unnecessary/unauthorized connections
    • Prevents data upload to malware C&C – in some cases, as unauthorized processes will not have access to the Internet, while the POS will.
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