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Most Mainframe shops are facing the challenge of keeping their applications up to speed in a changing environment, without increasing their computing power (MIPS).  Business applications that were developed decades ago are being maintained and enhanced ever since. As a result, the code has become complicated, heavy and slow. Optimizing these applications is a very complicated mission.  It sometimes involves a trial-and-error process, and requires the participation of "performance specialists".

Perform/View Capabilities

Perform/View helps Mainframe customers identify major roadblocks by mapping their applications logic and pinpointing performance bottlenecks. Perform/View monitors selected applications such as batch jobs, CICS transactions or Natural jobs and transactions.  It analyzes them, presents program flow and call tree, as well as elapsed time and CPU time spent in each portion of the code.   

Perform/View is an essential tool for developers facing the challenge of maintaining software that was developed by others.  It helps them understand the code and improve its run time.

Perform/View data collection, monitoring and analysis are performed externally, without any modification in the application code or installation environment. It can safely be used in both Test and Production environments.

Perform/View is an intuitive, easy to use product, that does not require specialists to run it. As a result, it can be used by all parts of the organization: Project managers, system administrators, database administrators, operations managers and programmers.

Perform/View Features

Perform/View provides detailed information about various types of information, such as:

  • Names of programs, sub-programs, sections and paragraphs that were executed, and the order in which they were invoked.
  • Number of times each program and code segment ran, and unused code.
  • Flowchart of the whole application
  • Execution time of each program and sub-programs (CPU usage and Elapsed time).
  • CICS commands that were executed and their execution time.
  • Calls to database services, VSAM files and other external systems, and their execution times.

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