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MF-Test is a state-of-the-art solution for testing applications, databases, and auxiliary files associated with mainframes. It fully automates the execution of a broad range of application regression testing scenarios. 

Why Mainframe Testing needs to be Automated

Current Overview: Mainframe business applications remain a critical asset in corporate and enterprise production environments. Although few such applications are developed today from scratch, many require upgrades, code fixes, and on-going maintenance. They get modified to fix bugs and upgraded to incorporate changes and new features. 

There is a high risk that modifications to mission-critical systems can cause major disruptions. Every change requires regression testing. The system's behavior before making changes must be compared with its behavior afterwards. This testing is usually done manually due to a shortage of robust comprehensive tools for mainframe testing.

Manual testing of mainframe applications is:

labor intensive
error prone
time consuming

MF-Test - Mainframe Application Regression Testing Done Right

The solution is MF Test, an automated state-of-the-art regression testing solution for mainframe applications.

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