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Performance Problem Prediction

Using mathematical modeling and artificial intelligence, ConicIT heads off performance problems before they become business expenses.

Even in the best managed mainframe facilities, production problems happen. When they do, they need to be fixed quickly and correctly. ConicIT is the only tool that enables IT staff to find and repair mainframe problems the first time they happen, drastically lowering Mean Time to Repair by ensuring the root cause is found and fixed right the first time.

ConicIT automates and directs the process of gathering information from existing system monitors 24 by 7. Think of it as a smart robot, constantly monitoring the systems, and making sure existing monitors catch any anomaly while it occurs. A learning engine constantly analyzes the information obtained, and responds to real time discrepancies by collecting all the relevant information and alerting system personnel as necessary. All captured data is recorded for later data mining and statistical analysis.

Root Cause Analysis

ConicIT helps you predict and solve mainframe performance problems the first time they occur.

With ConicIT, when a mainframe problem occurs, instead of rushing various people to reproduce the problem and patch the symptoms, just a few experts can fix the root cause THE FIRST TIME IT OCCURS!

ConicIT collects data from other z/OS monitoring products, recognizes brewing trouble and preserves the data necessary for repair. ConicIT alerts the IT staff and captures all the relevant system data during a performance problem, providing a post-mortem detailed view of the system status right before, and during the problem’s occurrence. This enables  staff a to solve a problem the first time it occurs – providing a dramatic reduction in mean time to repair for transaction slowdowns and performance degradation. By ensuring the actual cause of the problem is fixed (and not symptoms), ConicIT also increases mean time between failures.

Performance Benefits:

  • Provides effective problem resolution on its first occurrence
  • Alerts experts to impending problems – CICS programmers, DB2 experts, storage managers, etc.
  • Reduces Mean time to recovery (MTTR) – save at least $225,00 in direct revenue per year
  • Dramatically improves operational efficiencies
  • Eliminates surprises, guesswork and finger-pointing

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