AvailabilityGuard™ (formerly RecoverGuard™)

AvailabilityGuard™ (formerly RecoverGuard™) is the most complete tool in the market to ensure the availability of all systems: Production, High Availability (HA), and Disaster Recovery (DR). It scans storage arrays, servers and databases in read only mode, without using agents. It uses standard protocols. It compares the results of the scan with a knowledgebase of over 5,000 potential risks. If it finds a risk leading to potential data loss, unplanned and prolonged downtime, SLA and best practices infractions, as well as performance problems a ticket will be opened. The ticket will detail all the problems related to the problem as well as explain how the problem can be resolved. The user has access to an automated topological view which clearly indicates where the problem is located within the systems and components. AvailabilityGuard can be integrated with existing enterprise ticket management systems.

Website: Continuity Software

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